Spend your money on what you need; not what you want

I did the blog posting below on 6 questions to ask on getting a loan, it seemed natural to follow with with posting.  Kathryn Kerrigan, of Kathryn Kerrigan Footwear, got her loan.  She relates in this video, that she quickly realized that she had to spend her money on what she needed (inventory) as opposed to what she wanted (ads in fancy magazines).

She took stock of her capabilities and decided she could write copy and do PR.  But without shoes, she was out of business.

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Your name is your most important brand!

You have a brand that your carry through out your life.  It is on your driver’s license, your passport, and you are universally known by it.  It’s your name.  So consider owning your name as a url.

I just purchased  www.markegoodman.com .  Five years ago, when I was working for Motorola,  I would have never have thought about it.   I felt that I was a subset of the Motorola brand.  But with job changes and the fact that search has become the yellow and white pages of the 21st century, how can I insure that I can be found.   Not only be found, but insure the continuity and integrity of your brand.

Granted, social media sites like LinkedIn,  Facebook, and Twitter can help give you presence.  However, they can come and go.  Who remembers Prodigy?   These sites often require membership from the searcher.  In addition, for the most part, they control the routing.

Think about it.  What is more important than your own brand?  When it comes to building your image and furthering your career, who is more important than you?

Kathryn Kerrigan , our guest on CANTV 21 on August 18th will provide  an interesting insight into small business .  Please check out her business web site at www.kathrynkerrigan.com/

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