SCORE Counselor Reaches Out to Hispanic Community at Erie House


While manning a booth at the Navy Pier Business Fair a few months ago, Carlos Bastidas, a volunteer counselor at SCORE Chicago, met Aurora Dawn Reinke, a consultant to Erie House, and was asked to come to brief its clients on business plan preparation.

Erie House, located on west of downtown Chicago, was founded approximately 135 ago. Today, it provides educational opportunities to the Hispanic community.


On October 21, 2008, Carlos gave a two hour presentation on business plans. Since the students were Hispanic, he spoke in Spanish.  Because the students were grouped in four teams creating plans for four different businesses, Carlos focused on planning for those specific businesses.


Even thought their plans had to be written in English, the students appreciated the Spanish language presentation.  They had the chance to hear explanations of difficult points in their native language.


Carlos returned on October 24, 2008 to share with the same students his personal experiences in the US as an immigrant.

“This was very gratifying,” said Carlos, “since I had the opportunity to convey to all of them that, with hard work and dedication, many of the barriers that we Hispanic immigrants face, due to language and culture differences, can be broken.  One day, we all can be successful beyond our imaginations.”


Because Erie House clients were so receiptive and appreciative, Carlos intends to stay connected with this organization.  He also plans to involve other SCORE counselors in future events.

“I am convinced SCORE can provide a great contribution to the people that go to the Erie House.  They have a tremendous thirst for knowledge and a desire to improve their lives,” he says.

If you would like counseling in Spanish to start or grow your business, please fill out this form and Carlos will contact you.

– Peg Corwin

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