About SCORE Chicago


Many clients come to SCORE Chicago (www.scorechicago.org) for free business counseling and inexpensive workshops. This blog is about what they learned from our counselors and in our workshops. It’s also about our outreach to small business in the Chicago area, and news from our national organization, SCORE.org.

If you want face to face counseling, click this link and get an appointment at a dozen locations in the Chicago area. We also offer inexpensive workshops to help you start or grow your business. And SCORE offers email counseling through our national organization. Click Illinois and find Chicago area counselors that way.



2 Responses to “About SCORE Chicago”

  1. markegoodman Says:

    The best thing you can do is make an appointment with one of our counselors. However, it is unlikely that they will know about state regulations. Please go to our website. http://www.scorechicago.org . You can schedule an appointment there.

  2. chimac Says:


    I have lots of small business resources at my website http://www.chimac.net. It is free and I am based on Chicago. I am free for non profits.

    Brian Povlsen

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