Facebook Business Basics To Market Your Business on Facebook

Are you just setting up a business presence on Facebook, or do you have one already that you’d like to maximize?  Start with these five in a series of 15 posts on Facebook Business Basics.

1.   HubSpot’s Video on How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page — Build your Facebook business page in just five quick steps.  This 6-minute video, created by the internet marketing pros at Hubspot, walks you through those stages, simply and clearly.  Click for more on Facebook business page setup.

2.   Facebook Business Page Name — Pick the name of your Facebook business page with care.  Consider adding a short keyword phrase, like a city name or type of business.  Click for more on choosing the name for your Facebook business page.

3.   Facebook Business Page Logo or Photo — Add a logo, photo or graphic to your Facebook business page. Do include something, because photos and images catch the eye and engage the viewer to a greater degree than text.  Click for more on choosing a logo or photo for your Facebook business page.

4.   Use that Facebook Info Tab To Talk About Your Business — Use the info tab on your Facebook business page to describe your mission, products and services, plus hours and location if you are a local business.  If your page is about a brand, you can describe your niche and features.  Click for more on using the Info Tab on your Facebook business page.

5.   Key Boxes on Your Facebook Business Page — In the box under your logo, use a succinct description of your business — your “elevator pitch.”   Be sure it includes several business keywords, because words here are indexed by the search engines.  Click for more on making the most of key boxes on your Facebook business page.

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