How can I get the most impact out of the content I create for my website?

In addition to face to face visits, SCORE counselors often get email questions from clients.

Dave Lebowitz recently got an email request from a client asking about how she could protect the clever name that she had chosen for her business.   Dave recalled seeing a listing video clips posted on the SCORE Chicago website. This listing led him to the SCORE Chicago YouTube Channel

He found two clips,  How to Obtain a Trademark to Protect Your Business Name and What Protection Do You Get from a State Trademark. The two videos provided thorough answers to the client’s question in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Dave integrates the content into his work with individual clients   He believes that the videos provide a tool that reinforces his advice.

Dave recommends to all of the counselors that they regularly review the content on the website.  He feels that they can pick up tips that will help them in counseling as well as providing reference material that is easy to grasp for clients.

So, to get the most impact out of your content, Dave suggests that you and your staff frequently review what has been created.  Also, integrate that content into your regular business practice.

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