Comments from SCORE Chicago counseling clients

SCORE surveys clients after their initial visits.  Below is a set of comments from clients.

  • Score was very helpful and I would recommend this helpful free service to anyone! Thank you for all your help!
  • Extremely impressed and overwhelmed at the professionalism and execution of my experience. Thus far with Score. My experience from navigating the website, to emailing and phone conversation with counselors, to setting appointments all has been wonderful experience. Kudos to the organization.
  • At first the counselor did not know exactly what I wanted but we got on the same page . thank you again.
  • I had no idea what to expect from SCORE.  I found it to be one of the most valuable hours I have spent in a long time.  What a wonderful service!
  • There are no easy or immediate solutions to my situation.  Hopefully, the first meeting will lead to future meetings and further discussions.
  • He enlightened me to a few new ideas. He affirmed the direction I needed to follow. We covered a lot of ground in the short time we had together.  He made a few suggestions that I am considering and pointed me in the direction of S.C.O.R.E. seminars that are offered.
  • He got us to think about our business from a different angle.  It was an hour well spent!
  • Counselor was helpful beyond my wildest expectations. He gave me what is basically a blueprint, I just have to execute. Anything else he would have been doing the work for me. The very next day I was recommending SCORE to a friend who is interested in starting a catering business

Of course, not all comments are this positive.  For some clients, it takes more than one visit.   For help for your business, visit our web site.

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