Many ways to get Answers from SCORE Chicago

First, you can work with a SCORE Counselor. With over 100 counselors in the chapter, you have access to experts in many skill areas and numerous industries.  We can also arrange Spanish speaking or women counselors.

SCORE counselors are successful executives and business owners who can help you on a wide variety of business issues like financing, marketing or importing. They have volunteered their wisdom and experience to help you at no cost.

They can work with you as you write and refine your business plan.  Once you begin a relationship with a counselor, they can become your Mentor, working with you over time to build your business from idea to startup to growth.

To make an appointment for counseling.

Next, you can attend our workshops.  We offer executives with a wealth of expertise and experience in many industry segments. Many workshop presenters are SCORE counselors who have achieved success in their field and now, as volunteers, want to help you do the same.   Additionally, we have workshops taught by industry experts, instructors who are also executives, active in their business today.

One workshop attendee stated “As I near completion of my MBA program, the skills that SCORE workshops provide me with, are every bit as relevant and beneficial as my classroom studies.”

Information about workshops are available at:

You can visit us in the Media.  If you live in the City of Chicago, you can watch us in the Winter and the Summer on the Hotline Show of CANTV 21.  This show features guests covering many topics of interest to small business.  Recent programs have addressed the Obama Stimulus Plan, Trade Show Marketing, and Business Plans.  The show has aired live interviews with entrepreneurs in retail, software and construction.   To check out the CANTV Schedule, please visit the Hotline website.

For those of you not in Chicago, you can watch these shows on BLIP.TV. Each CANTV show is posted as an episode in this web environment.  You can access this show at::

Individual answers and insights are available from our YouTube Channel,  SCOREChicagoVideo and our Blog postings at LearnedatSCORE.

The YouTube channel contains, for the most part, edited segments of the CANTV21 series.  Rather than watching the entire 25 minute show, searchers can find individual answers to business questions.  Recent posting answer such questions as “What Behaviors make a good salesperson?”  or “How to get stimulus funding for your business”.  Video content touch such topics as picking a banker, getting loans, writing business plans, even, tips about international business.  Obtain 1 to 3 minute insights from entrepreneurs who have been there.

The Blog, LearnedatSCORE contains insight and comments about small business.  There is a mixture of content.  Postings about SBA programs are available.  Updates from counselors and clients provide information about marketing, sales, accounting, business plans and internet  issues.

You can stay in touch with SCORE Chicago through our website.  Also, we are on Twitter  Many people keep informed by joining our email list.

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