How our workshops helped a client

One of our clients who is a participant in our certificate program submitted the following note on our website.   Our questions in bold.

Share your experiences with our counseling or workshops. We’d like to post them on our site:

Hello, I attended the get financing workshop. Unfortunately I was in a rush to catch my train to the western suburbs and was unable to fill out the feedback form. Mr. Wood was there to greet us and handed booklets and info and was very inviting.  Irv Williamson kicked off the meeting and was very knowledgeable and down to earth with great lay mans terms advice I could understand.  Mr. Bob Esquival followed and just floored me with the vast amount of knowledge and inner workings of government type loans and what is needed to succeed. Capping off the Workshop was special guest Michael Knazur from Banco Popular.  Michael was very informative and explained the financial formulas needed to help banks help you with startup loans and what bankers really look for in a business plan.

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The workshop was exactly what I was looking for. Honest real world advice and more info I had no knowledge of that will help me in my future endeavors.

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