2 Special SCORE Chicago Workshops in September that can help your business

In September, SCORE Chicago is offering two special programs that can help your business.

On September 14th, Sharon Aby will be presenting STEPPING UP TO 21ST CENTURY SELLING:  Creating a Virtual Cycle of Innovation, Markets and Customers for Life.” Revenues are down and profits are sinking,” is becoming a familiar lament coming from many businesses today. Faced with greater competition and a tighter economy, companies are spending more money on sales and marketing with no return on their investment. Chances are they are doing the same things that they’ve always done expecting to have different results. If this sounds familiar, this workshop is for you. The workshop explains the dynamics of the 21st century marketplace and will teach you how to sell and market your company differently in order to be successful today.  To register for the workshop, http://bit.ly/21CenturySelling

Sharon was a guest on our CANTV 21 Hotline Show.  This week her video  “What Behaviors make a Good Sales Person” is most popular video on our channel.  You can see this video below.

On  September 30th, Becky Davis and Patrick  Elward will be presenting DESIGNING YOUR WEBSITE:  Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know. This website design workshop is geared toward business owners who are either getting started with their first website or have an existing website that they would like to improve.  During this workshop, we will walk participants through the standard graphic design process for a website and show them how to make design decisions themselves or find and work with a graphic design professional to take their website to the next level of quality and customer satisfaction.   To Register for this program,  http://bit.ly/DesignWebsite

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