Ask SCORE: What Behaviors make a good sales person?

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Posted by Ann D. at 9/2/2009 9:24 AM CDT

What behaviors make a good sales person?

Sharon Aby of Beyond Ideas Consulting and a Score Chicago counselor notes that selling is a process, not an event. A good salesperson is a problem solver.

Sharon divides the selling process into four steps: Awareness, Education, Consideration, and then Purchase.

In a simple retail environment, the first step in awareness could be just letting the customer know that you have the product that they are looking for. If you are selling services, awareness is communicating expertise.

When it comes to education, the key is having the information available, when and where the customer is looking.

Helping a customer in the consideration phase can be as simple as asking,
“Are you finding what you are looking for? Other consideration tools can be product samples, trial periods, and an unconditional return policy.

Sharon notes that by asking probing questions, you can move a customer seamlessly between the education stage and the consideration stage. She reminds us that if as a sales person you are genuinely trying to solve a customer’s problem, you are in essence selling.

You can view a short video summarizing Sharon’s thoughts on sales skills
here. And SCORE Chicago’s entire interview with Sharon can be found on the Score Channel on BLIP.TV.

Sharon will conduct a workshop, Stepping up to 21st Century Selling” on Sept 14. You can find more information on Score Chicago’s Web site.

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