Help with a Business Plan?

Our monthly workshop on business planning is Monday, August 17th. Many thanks to Bob Paul for this content.  Bob will be presenting at the workshop.


THE BUSINESS PLAN – If you don’t care where you are going, it doesn’t matter which way you go! (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland)

If you care where you are going, you need a plan.

THE BUSINESS PLAN – integrates –

  • your vision of what you want to become and your long term strategy for achieving it,
  • your marketing plan describing what you will sell, to whom, and at what price,
  • your operational issues that are critical to your success, and
  • your financial needs and goals

THE BUSINESS PLAN leads you directly into an Action Plan.

  • Determine the Critical issues that are important to achieving your goals
  • Set measurable goals for the Critical issues
  • Create specific short-term action steps that will start you down the path to success!

Want to hear more?  Join the SCORE workshop on BUSINESS PLANNING. This workshop is a “hands-on” workshop. You are building your plan as you learn and discuss each of the business planning components.

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  1. Sharon Wilson Says:

    Wonderful post! I believe that a business plan is critical in every business. By teaching my coaching students on how to write a business plan for something they really want gives them direction and clarity and they will be able to move forward and see quick results.

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