4 Considerations when Creating a Marketing Plan

Our Monthly Marketing and Sales Workshop is tomorrow, August 6th.  Did a redo of the slides.  Here are a few highlights.  Information about the workshop is at: http://bit.ly/MarketingSelling

Marketing is key to your success

  • Keep it simple
  • Know what business you are in

No one perfect marketing plan

  • Understand your key metrics
  • Set goals consistent with those metrics
  • Revisit on a regular basis

Don’t fall in love with a business idea too soon

  • Do your research
  • Understand your competition
  • Reach out to a set of advisors who can provide feedback
  • Listen to the sales not made as much as the customers you land

You’re not ready to start a business until you can do a credible Year One monthly sales and profit forecast

  • Your numbers are another way of expressing you plan
  • Ask youself realistically  “Can we really do that”
  • Come up with a “Slow Day” – “Average Day” – “Busy Day” … Understand the impact if every day is a  “Slow Day”
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