4 Questions to help you get started on line

1.  Do you have a thorough understanding of your business requirements?

  • Goal for the website
    • on-line brochure
    • e-commerce catalog
    • customer service
    • e-conversation
  • Measurements
    • leads
    • sales
    • cost reduction
    • customer satisfaction

2.  Have these business requirements been documented in a form that allows them to be communicated to others?

  • One or two page document that has been shared with staff (aligns with business requirements)
  • Study of competitive websites
  • List of your favorite websites – do not have to be in your business  ( why do you like them)

3.  Have you prioritized these requirements?

  • Identified must haves vs. would be nices
  • Allows for the creation of a foundation that can be added upon

4.  Have you established a budget for the development project?

  • Establish early in the dialogue with your developer
  • Allow for an alignment of the deliverable to your budget
  • Identify  tasks you can perform to lower the costs
  • Can you tie expansion to increased sales or improved costs
  • Are you allowing for the continued addition of content
  • Consider monthly hosting and maintenance costs

(This is one section covered in the SCORE Chicago workshop “Taking Your Business On Line” – July 13)

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One Response to “4 Questions to help you get started on line”

  1. Brad Miller Says:

    Clients tend to just right into “writing” their websites. They think what they want to put online…That’s the wrong point of view. You need to think what the visitor will want to find, not what you want to say.

    I always ask my clients, “What is the main goal of your website.” Sure there may be many goals that will be addressed, but it much easier to focus if you concentrate on one main goal. Some sites are built to get the phone to ring. Some sites are built to provide information. Some sites are there to give the company a professional presence.

    Thanks for you info.

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