Improve your Website with SCORE Chicago Special Evening Workshop

After-Work Program for In-Business Clients

At SCORE Chicago we are working to reach out more effectively to clients who are in business.  As such, we have put together a new evening program for business people who are looking to take the next step with their web site.

GET A GRIP: Turning the Internet into Your Best Business Partner

Tuesday, July 7, 2009   5:30-7:30pm

Today’s business relies on technology more than ever before.  A strong internet presence of a website, email newsletters and online promotion can be like a 24-hour employee, selling or marketing your business around the clock.  Software tools can increase your productivity, magnifying the power of your workforce.  But it all requires knowledge and skills to make either the internet work for you.

Course Outline:
In this workshop, participants will come with a challenge that they face either with their internet sales or marketing efforts.  They will leave with a greater understanding of their own issue, an action plan to address their challenge, and a handful of other techniques to embrace technology to grow their business.

1) Discuss personal business and  technology challenges
2) Identify common threads among challenges
3) Problem-solve through group dialogue
4) Develop and review action plans
5) Wrap up w/ big picture lessons
NOTE: Due to the nature of this workshop, participation is limited to six registrants.  Participants must have a live website prior to attending this event.  Registration closes one week before the workshop.

Speaker: Jacob Cynamon

Price: $75

Client feedback on the program from last month:

Thanks so much for the program last night. Today I am less fearful about having a perfect website and more motivated to make it express me and my ideas.   I think it was a good idea to get feedback from the other attendees

I really enjoyed yesterday’s program…… It really did light a fire under me. …. Thanks for your dedication to our success.

Register for this workshop at our Downtown Location

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