Highlights from Twitter

I was looking over the Twitter postings that have been done at our scorechicago Twitter site over the last couple of months. Here are a some highlights.

Great Video. How to get you emails opened by pro from Constant Contact http://tinyurl.com/cysgws1:07 PM Apr 16th from web

@gaeblerdotcom For small business, a web site is like a yellow pages listing. To start, the company name should route to the domain9:13 AM Apr 25th from web in reply to gaeblerdotcom

Here’s a thought. It used to be a small business needed a brochure. Now with all of the new media, a business needs a content strategy7:49 PM May 5th from web

@StartupPro When it comes to VC funding. Timing is very important. Need to show you have something, and money will rocket you to success7:04 AM May 7th from web in reply to StartupPro

@jeffdurso Most of the time you learn more from “NO” than you learn from “They loved it” Especially if you probe the “NO”8:35 AM May 8th from web in reply to jeffdurso

Have you checked out SBTV. An great source of small business information. www.sbtv.com10:42 AM May 11th from web

Ever thought about thanking the president for using your product? The National Restaurant Assoc. did: http://tinyurl.com/okssj93:16 PM May 11th from web

@blfarris True, but maybe we, as a community, need to do a better job of explaining how all of Web 2.0 works together.9:54 AM May 12th from web in reply to blfarris

@MarketingYP there is personal social media and business social media. When representing a business, users should behave appropriately.2:00 PM May 14th from web in reply to MarketingYP

SBA rolls out new program. 100% guarantee on up to $35,000. Check out video excerpt on YouTube. http://tinyurl.com/pgljuy7:11 AM May 15th from web

@smallbiztrends Telling a story is good, but think about crafting your content as a series of interactive episodes11:58 AM May 15th from web in reply to smallbiztrends

@SurePayroll There is a role for a VC. Not at start up, but when it is time to take to scale. VC folks can supply $$, knowledge & contacts4:44 PM May 15th from web in reply to SurePayroll

@StartupPro Check out our short video on Legal Help when starting a business. http://tinyurl.com/quomu49:56 AM May 16th from web in reply to StartupPro

Need to remember, when it comes to Web 2.0, it’s not what we do (lots of tips on that) but it’s the content.. and how we manage the dialogue9:24 AM May 18th from web

It used to be that we lacked the software tools to get our work done. Now we work to fullly utilize the software tools that are available6:55 PM May 18th from web

@ChiOfficeLinks Often start up people are encouraged to write a business plan. For many, the best thing to do is to “plan their business”.2:41 PM May 19th from web in reply to ChiOfficeLinks

Ever wonder what a Chamber of Commerce does. Check out this series of interviews on our YouTube site. http://tinyurl.com/q3ptwl2:51 PM May 19th from web

@RoseWollfBiz Is it winning or losing… or how you play the game??12:12 PM May 20th from web in reply to RoseWollfBiz

@ChrisKnight Long Tail original content is good. But content strategy needs to be continual and reusable across various media4:30 PM May 21st from web in reply to ChrisKnight

We have embedded YouTube segments on our website. Check out this page on Business Plans. http://tinyurl.com/ofh5rw6:12 AM May 23rd from web

@ChicagoDesign Re: Ebay. The challenge of growth is to keep your eye on where you are going, not where you are. Easier said than done2:50 PM May 23rd from web in reply to ChicagoDesign

@danschawbel Social Media vs website. The key is developing a content strategy that makes leverages both and adds to it email marketing4:57 PM May 25th from web in reply to danschawbel

@danschawbel The original golden rule of “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” holds true in social media2:12 PM May 26th from web in reply to danschawbel

@SCOREMentors A short video from a director at the SBA about how to take advantage of the stimulus plan. http://tinyurl.com/dko5aj7:47 AM May 27th from web

@keaadvertising The challenge today is being available when the buyer is ready to buy. Making your content available when the wallet opens8:23 PM Jun 1st from web in reply to keaadvertising

@ChrisKnight Re: landing page review. Good point. PPC can be ineffective if the buyer does not know what to do when he gets there8:01 AM Jun 4th from web in reply to ChrisKnight

@SCOREMentors A short video on working with your community in today’s economic situation. http://bit.ly/DrJtN4:18 PM Jun 4th from web in reply to SCOREMentors

@danschawbel Twitter is what people make of it. Better 10% of the people engaged, then a mad dash for numbers2:11 PM Jun 5th from web in reply to danschawbel

@danschawbel With People, you need to ask the same question as we do w/SMB. What is the problem, how do you solve it, value of solving it?7:02 AM Jun 8th from web in reply to danschawbel

@SocialNetworkTV To hit your social media goals you need to think about a content strategy, that is ultimately tied to your business goals7:36 AM Jun 8th from web in reply to SocialNetworkTV

@weedygiraffe A view of what’s needed in a business plan from the perspective a banker from Harris Bank http://tinyurl.com/r7wudn12:08 PM Jun 8th from web in reply to weedygiraffe

@SocialNetworkTV Re:corporate Twitter. Think about your conversation, as an #e-conversation. Content must have value either in person or “e”9:27 AM Jun 9th from web in reply to SocialNetworkTV

Time Mag 5/25: Failure is not so much a physical state as a state of mind; success is falling down-and getting up one more time -without end about 22 hours ago from web

@thescottbishop Twitter corporate strategy . Be genuine, people are with you. If not, people see through it. No place to hide on Twitter about 17 hours ago from web


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    This is a twitter post goldmine for the small business owner! Thank you for sharing it!

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