6 Strategies of a Good Sales Person: Advice From A Pro

Earl Shraiberg

Earl Shraiberg

Want to know what it takes to be a good sales person?  Ask a pro.

EARL SHRAIBERG is a sales pro.  He started Shape Up Shop, Inc. the first fitness specialty store in Chicago. While the store was still open, Earl began a manufacturing and distribution company. Body Solid, Inc. — a wholesale supplier — would soon become a leader in the fitness industry for home fitness equipment. He expanded to Fitness Factory Outlet, Inc. a mail order company supplying fitness products to the end users.  Can this guy sell.

Here’s his sales advice:

1.  Know your competition. As a salesperson, you must know what you are selling against as well as knowing how to sell against it.

2.  Create Value. If you listened well enough to the customer,  you will understand what is of value to them, and you will apply that to whatever you are selling.

3.  Sell Benefits. Tell your customer the facts about your product, but make sure they understand the benefit of those facts.

4.  Shape Perceptions. “A Good Deal is a Frame of Mind.”  Everybody wants to feel they are getting a real value when they buy.  Make sure the customer feels you are delivering that good deal.

5.  Ask Questions.
Questions allow you to understand better what the customers needs. Once you understand that person’s needs, you can create value for them by relating your products’ benefits to their needs.

6.  Develop Relationships. Never be an angry salesperson who seems bothered to help the customer.  Be pleasant and excited to be serving the customer.  Say thank you.  Even send “thank you” cards after a sale.

“These things are mandatory in a good sales presentation,” says Earl.

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What questions do you have for Earl about these sales strategies? Ask them in a comment.

Peg Corwin

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6 Responses to “6 Strategies of a Good Sales Person: Advice From A Pro”

  1. Michael Says:

    One additional tip I have, which is more related to being a good sales person in your org. rather than being a successful individual seller; fight the power!

    Ok, so that may sound a little extreme. What I was getting at is the importance of change. Make it your duty to continually seek ways to improve various processes you are involved with. If you work for someone who has a firm structure, it still doesn’t hurt to bring up a new idea from time to time.

    I recently proposed that my company picked up this new sales management tool at oneclickcommissions. Although they blew it off at first, I was persistent and management eventually researched it and ultimately implemented it.

    Never stop trying.

    • Madelaine Says:

      Ok here’s the thing. I have started at a new company 4 weeks ago. I have gone trough the first stage of my recruitment witch is the first campaign. Obviously I need to reach target by the end of the week before I can sign a new contract for yet another week. Well now I had my next campaign training and next week i need to sell this product the same product just different people. People who have been phoned before and said no i can not afford it. My target needs to be reached by the end of the week for me to be able to sign another contract for another week of training for the next campaign. i am really scared. I really enjoy working with people and I really need this job. How do i sound more professional and in charge.

      Thank You

  2. Hithesh s rao Says:

    My names Hithesh,
    I am 25 years old I’ve started my carrier as a technical support representative, and then was also a quality assurance auditor, then moved my self as customer executive and customer support officer. All this while i was working in BPO for 4 years and the approach towards customer was indirect i mean was by vocal or phone, I’ve not gained much experience in direct approach. I’ve had confidence in me.. but my confidence wasn’t noticed.. all this while.. i was appritiated but invisible to people.. I’ve never lost my confidence… I’ve taken few advice from.. the people and they asked me to change my profile to a sales background. Now that ive made my mind..i am wanting some tips on how to be a successful on what ive decided.

    I’ve moved to a diffrenct country, hoping some silver lining in my carrier, what i’m lacking is experience, i’ve faced number of sales interviews, couldn’t get through in anyone of those. I dont know, i have everything in me but im not able give what they need. It would be really greatful if you could help me in figuring out things for me…


    • Peg Corwin Says:

      Are you in Chicago? If so, please make a free appointment with one of our business mentors. https://www.securedata-trans5.com/ap/score/index.php?page=10

      If you are outside the Chicago area but in the US, we offer free email counseling. Please post your question here for such advice: http://www.scorechicago.org/eform_detail.asp?id=20&name=Email+Request+Form

      • Hithesh s rao Says:

        I’m looking out for few guidelines.. on my carrier aspects.. I was into customer support a ‘BPO’ all my consern is dat i was not noticed in my prevous job all these while I did everthying but I belived dat wasn’t best enough or they treated me as their competion I dint know where i lacked confidence. Well i’ve now changed my profile to sales and now im in diffrent country looking for bigger oppertunities. I have confidence and a strong goal but i’m lacking experience, several no’s from the GM dint break my confidence. I’m still on my goal, just concerned on how i can start my sales profile.

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