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SCORE Chicago provides experienced business counselors to assist new and existing businesses in starting, maintaining and growing their businesses.  Now Chicago residents can see them live on TV.  They can call in questions to counselor Mark Goodman and his guests on HOTLINE ON CAN TV21 every Friday at 6:00.

Here’s the schedule:

January 9th      Hank Rodkin, Growing Your Business
January 16th    Earl Shraiberg, Starting Your Business
January 23rd   Carlos P. Bastidas, Managing Your Business
January 30th   Frantz Osse, Financing Your Business
February 6th    Jacob Cynamon, Technology for Your Business
February 13th  Alfred Belluomini, SBA, Financing your Business
February 20th  Brian Fons,  Starting Your Business (legal)
February 27th  Larry Pelka. Financing Your Business
March 6th         Hank Rodkin and Stephen Beal, International Business
March 13th       SCORE Success Stories
March 20th      Meghan Kearns, Harris Bank, What every banker wants
March 27th      Questions from First Quarter

Mark Goodman spent many years working for Motorola. He was one of the first business people in the cell phone group, rising to positions in distribution, marketing, and business management. Mark also developed and implemented internet strategies. Then he went on to manage service, parts and major account business opportunities. Subsequent to his experience at Motorola, Mark worked in sales management for a Silicon Valley company.

On January 23rd, Carlos Bastidas is going to be taking on the topic Managing Your Business’. Carlos will be taking a look at the challenges of business management from the perspective of an immigrant. What are the unique challenges presented by some one who is new to the U.S.

Carlos held several positions with British Petroleum, including several senior executive positions. At McDonough Associate s: he was Vice President Manager of the Structural Department, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. With Ericsson Wireless, \he served as director of project management and at Qualcomm he was Total Project manager, site development and deployment of cellular networks and was Country Manager Responsibilities for the office in Chile.

On January 30th, Frantz Osse and Mark will be discussing the topic ‘Financing Your Business’. Frantz is going to discuss why banks and other investors expect a business owner to put some of his own money into a business. We’ll highlight why in most situations, ‘Skin in the Game’ is the rule, rather than the exception.

Before retiring in early 2008, Osse headed Wells’ Private Mortgage Banking operation in northern Los Angeles County – one of the largest and most profitable segments in the company. Osse also hosted a radio talk show on KACE-FM in Los Angeles geared to helping entrepreneurs strategically grow financially stable and profitable enterprises. He began his professional career at Manufacturer’s Hanover Bank in New York City and later worked at First Interstate Bank in Southern California for eleven years.

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