From Strategy to Execution — You Need an “Actionable” Strategic Plan to Get It Done

Want a strategic plan that you can understand?  Need one that will actually help you run your business?  Do you lack benchmarks to see whether you’re going where you want to go in 2009?

SCORE Counselor Bob Paul teaches a practical approach to business planning.  Here’s his take on strategic plans for an existing business.  He assumes you’ve got a business plan laying around somewhere that you’d like to dust off and put into action.

1) Reaffirm Your Mission, Vision, Values – “Choose the mountain you wish to climb,” Bob says.

2) Review and Update Your SWOT analysis – Define your products and your target customers.  Analyze your internal strengths and weaknesses of your business, as well as the external opportunities and threats that you see when you review the economic climate, the industry and your key competitors.

3) Identify Current Critical Issues –
Taking into consideration your Vision and SWOT,  identify and document 3-5 issues that are critical to your eventual strategic success.

4) Set Several Long-Term Goals – Choose 4-6 major goals.  This is all you probably can manage with a 2-3 year horizon.  These goals should match and address one or more of your critical issues.  “You need measurable goals with specific deadlines,”  he insists.

5) Develop Your Action Plan – Write out the steps you intend to take in the next 1-3 months to address each of the long term goals.  Schedule a revision and update of these action items quarterly.  Bob is adamant about specificity:
•    Your action steps must described in terms you can measure.
•    You must also specify deadlines, resource constraints (dollars and people), and who is responsible.

In essence, keep it short and focused.  Make 2009 the year you commit to an actionable strategic plan.  And the year you execute.

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Do you have a strategic plan?  What problems do you run into trying to execute?  Why not leave me a comment?   Or meet with a counselor at SCORE Chicago to help you achieve your business goals in 2009.

Peg Corwin

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