Supercharge Your Sales with Good Selling Habits

If you want your small business to succeed, selling is certainly an essential ingredient.

As you go about the sales process, you will need to know why your targeted customers are saying “yes” or “no” to your product or service pitch. This basic information on your buyers’ habits is essential. Even if sales for your business have been strong, the effort can run off track at any time. Even when sales are strong, don’t get overconfident and begin to slack off in your efforts. That may be precisely the time to step things up. You competition will almost certainly be watching.

The key to supercharging your sales is to develop and stick to good selling habits. In a short timeframe, little things you’ve done to disappoint customers can build up. So it’s important for your business to approach selling with a positive, service-minded attitude.

1. One great habit to develop is taking the time to ask about your customer’s needs, desires and expectations. Keeping the attention on them, rather than you, will also help you tune in to why they buy, or why they don’t. Plus, if you take time to listen and ask questions, customers will start to think of you and your business as a valued resource, rather than just a selling machine. You can easily show that you are willing to help the customer by anticipating what they need and having answers to potential objections.

2. Train yourself and your employees to smile. It’s easy to get grumpy or cynical if sales go south. But that’s when a good attitude becomes most important. Don’t be afraid to take a risk or try out a new approach from time to time. It could be a new marketing pitch or advertising channel. When operating a business in today’s competitive world, the greater risk is in thinking that the status quo will suffice.

3. Try to foster an atmosphere within your business that embraces the can-do word “yes.” Sales efforts suffer when people start making excuses, whining about failure and believing that “no” is the natural state of affairs. Encourage belief that appointments will come, sales will follow and success will be yours.

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