5 Essential Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself

Counselor Henry Rodkin

Counselor Henry Rodkin

I cornered counselor Hank Rodkin and ask him how to be a really effective marketer.   (He’s a marketing prof at DePaul University and one presenter of our Sales and Marketing Workshop.)  He shared 5 essential marketing questions to ask yourself:

1. Is it Customer-Centric?
Your product or service must be what the customer wants in terms of value, need, utility and convenience of access. Wal-Mart is every day low prices while Costco is a treasure hunt, Target is aspirational, Walgreen is a fill-in store, etc.

2. Does it use customer knowledge and insights?
Only by understanding identifiable buyer segments and their behavior can you focus on factors critical to your sales success. Hispanic households have fewer cars and they shop locally, therefore success will be from a different set of “standards.”

3. Is it driven by competencies to meet customer needs?
Create a product or service, or more generally a business, that relates to your specific buyers’ attitudes, tastes and needs. If you have a “treasure hunt store” like Costco, customers will look for special and unique offerings…and buy them!

4. Is it based on an objective of building/growing brands via innovation?
Only your customers and prospects can tell you what they want and need… that changes, so you have to keep asking over time. Don’t ever try to force your beliefs into your customer’s pocketbook; they will tell you what they want by simply not coming in if you don’t have what they want.  Proof: remember “Your Father’s Oldsmobile?”

5. Does it elevate emotional benefits?
If buyer truly wants and needs your product or service, and if you communicate it thoroughly in and out of your business setting, and continue to do so, you will win! But don’t ever forget that today’s communications can include a variety of techniques unheard of just a few years ago…

Learn the details at his workshop — he’s teaching in February, March and May.  Or come in and talk to a counselor about your marketing challenges.  You can book an appointment online at any one of our 15 locations at this link.

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