Strategic Alliance to Help Small Businesses During Challenging Times


SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business” and AmerAssist Turnaround Management Corporation (TMC) announce a strategic alliance to increase awareness of SCORE mentoring and training with businesses struggling with financial challenges during a difficult economy.

TMC will promote SCORE’s services through direct marketing contacts to its database of hundreds of thousands of small businesses that are experiencing financial hardship, as well as through its Web site, TMC helps small business owners across the country settle or restructure their past-due debts, resolve tax issues, find financing, collect delinquent accounts and avoid bankruptcy.

“Our alliance with SCORE will allow us to further assist businesses in our program by introducing them to the free counseling and workshops available through SCORE,” says TMC CEO Ken Monnett. “Businesses in our program are dedicated to remaining viable and becoming successful. We believe SCORE has the resources to help them continue the process as we work to resolve their financial situation. TMC is proud of our alliance with SCORE, and we are supporting SCORE nationally and through the Columbus, Ohio SCORE office with workshop sponsorships.”

“Many SCORE counselors have experience with how to grow sales and handle an economic downturn, and they are willing to share their knowledge,” says SCORE CEO Ken Yancey. “SCORE appreciates TMC’s support and assistance in raising awareness of how SCORE can help small businesses achieve success, even during the worst of times.”.

For more information about starting or operating a small business in Chicago, sign up for free private business counseling on the SCORE Chicago website or call (312) 353-7724 . And visit SCORE Chicago on the web at

For more information about AmerAssist Turnaround Management Corporation (TMC), call 1-800/942-1831 or visit their Web site at

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