Lesson Learned: Turning a Hobby into a Business Takes Marketing, Planning

Sheila Papaioannou

Sheila Papaioannou

Business: Medusa’s Stones, a business that sells handmade jewelry – using gemstones, precious metals, glass and vintage elements – and vintage purses at art fairs, trunk shows and online.

Problem: To turn jewelry-making hobby into a real business

Solution: SCORE counselor’s advice about marketing, presentation, professionalism, organization and pricing

Results: Alpana Singh, hostess of the popular PBS restaurant review show “Check, Please” wore Medusa’s Stones jewelry in the 2008 season. Sheila met Michigan Avenue stylists in the process. She joined a community of glassmakers, which led to contest awards and publication opportunities. She’s now working on a business plan.

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  1. kirsten Says:

    Great feature on a great woman, Peg! SCORE is an organization that entrepreneurs need to tap. Glad to see SCORE Chicago has its own blog!

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