Best Books for Biz: One SCORE Counselor’s Opinion

Want to learn what it takes to start a restaurant? Need the ins and outs of retailing? Have to gear up to become a consultant? Rev up your sales? Get the basics of web design? You might want to crack a book.

As an ex librarian, I‘m convinced that books are an under-appreciated business resource, especially for entrepreneurs venturing into new fields. Books are more accessible, quicker and cheaper than courses or consultants.

I have an ally in Jeff Lippincott, a SCORE counselor from the Princeton NJ chapter whose mother was a librarian, and who loves books as much as I do. He’s reviewed 313 books on Amazon. He’s also created book lists and how-to guides on numerous subjects of interest to business owners.

Here are Jeff’s favorite business books, complete with Amazon links and his reviews:

  1. Know-How: The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform from Those Who Don’t by Ram Charan
  2. Structuring Your Business: From Corporations To Llc’s –Everything You Need To Set Up Your Business Efficiently (Adams Streetwise Series) by Michele Cagan
  3. 6 Steps to Free Publicity: “For Corporate Publicists or Solo Professionals, Including…Publishers, Consultants, Conference Planners, Politicians, Inventors by Marcia Yudkin
  4. The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Secrets of Continuously Developing a More Profitable Business Model by Donald Mitchell
  5. Leadership Made Easy (Entrepreneur Made Easy Series) by Randall D. Ponder

He’s also created book lists relevant to specific industries, a much needed resource:

Starting or Running a Restaurant &/or Catering Service? 34 books

So You Want To Be a Consultant? 33 books

Books on Retailing 19 books

Books on Franchising 22 books

Books on Importing/Exporting 19 books

So You Want To Start a Construction Company in NJ? 25 books, including some on estimating and people management

Jeff’s professional experience includes working as a staff auditor for an International CPA firm, as a practicing attorney, sales representative, and associate fundraising consultant among other jobs.

He counsels clients for free online (go to and put in CPA in New Jersey) or, if you live in Princeton, you can make an appointment to meet him three evenings a month at the Princeton Public Library. He’s a member of Toastmasters, too, if you are looking for a seasoned speaker.

Resources to learn more about Jeff and all his book-based business advice:

Jeff Lippincott’s Amazon Profile Says Jeff: “I have found to be a wonderful source of information that my “clients” can use. Instead of me writing extensive emails in my counseling efforts, I write short messages making reference to specific books, booklists, or guides at Many of the books I recommend my clients read are ones I have written book reviews for.”

Jeff’s How To Guides on Amazon 15 guides with advice and links, including So you’d like to…figure out how to write a business plan or his most-viewed Learn about accounting, bookkeeping and Quickbooks.

Jeff’s Listomania List on Amazon (Books are grouped under headings of small business, leadership and not-for-profit books.)

Jeff’s blogs:

Ramblings of a SCORE Counselor and


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  1. Pamela Says:

    I strongly endorse “Leadership Made Easy” by Randall Ponder of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The book gives much detail on the various skills needed by leaders and managers, while not ignoring the big picture of what these individuals need to do daily. This is a must-have addition to your library.

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