From the AMEX/SCORE Chicago Speed Coaching Event 3-26

AMEX and SCORE Chicago jointly sponsored a speed coaching for small business owners last March 26th. Here’s a video, comments and pictures from the event.

Speaker Barry Moltz video from the event:

Here’s what several attendees had to say about it, and some pictures:

Aimee Kirkconnell of Akarographics said: “Iain Lopata‘s workshop on Achieving Business Success Online was full of useful tips that will help my small business make the most of its online presence. My questions about finance, taxes, and hiring employees were all answered in the one-on-one counseling session with William D. Broderick. Having the opportunity to sit down with a CPA in an informal setting helped me understand more about how to expand my business and focus my vision for the future.”

Barbara Binik emailed: “I met with Eschwar Noojibail during the “Speed Coaching” segment of the day. He was a good listener, advisor, and helped guide me in dealing with an upcoming meeting I had scheduled. I plan to follow up with Eshwar this week to give him an update on the meeting we discussed.”

Panelist and SCORE client Thomas Brett, managing partner, 12GA commented: “I think that I can confidently express that each of us are grateful for the chance we’ve had to:

a) return a small piece of what we have taken from SCORE, be it through your education, counseling, contacts or opportunities to prosper;

b) be lifted up by all of the volunteers at SCORE who have done so much to pave the way for our respective journeys; or

c) make lasting friends that thrive on the support we lend to and receive from one another due to the fact that we are benefitting from the collective intelligence that continues to shape our business decisions.

Your organization, in conjunction with the SBA, may be the best example of
government serving its citizens that most of us can identify.”

Client Keanu Hu’s comment on Counselor Bob Paul’s talk:

“I attended your presentation workshop on Cash IS King. I had an epiphany. Now I understand the difference between accounting, which bank is beneficial, and cash which tells me how much I have in my piggy bank. With that in mind, I am requesting that you email me your presentation slides. I have great use for them and intend on educating others on this wisdom. Thank you for a great presentation.”

Did you miss your chance for free business coaching? SCORE Chicago offers free counseling all year long at 15 different locations around the Chicago area. Click here to find a location near you.

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