Lesson Learned: Keeping Us On Track, Gaining Insight

Dennis Ryan and Megan Munitz, Chief Cooks & Culinary Guides for their Fraiche Kitchen, appreciate a mentor from SCORE Chicago who keeps them focused.

Counselor Marge Schneider is advising on their “wellness program” and other marketing ventures. In her varied career, Marge managed all of the in-house advertising research at the Leo Burnett Advertising, among numerous other positions in marketing and management.

Dennis and Megan proudly sent her the article “Sustaining a Trend: Cooking School Takes a Fresh Approach to Eating Locally” an article on them from the March 5, 2008 Chicago Tribune Good Eating section, with the note: “Thanks again for all of your help and support. We’re so grateful to you for the wonderful insight and how you keep us on track!”

You can find them at Fraichekitchen.com.


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  1. Marilyn Day Says:

    How fabulous to see the article highlighting Marge and one of her successes! Marge continues to help me in so many ways with my business Gold Coast Kitten Sittin’, Inc. which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this June. I never would have been able to open my in-home cat care business without her guidance and support — especially her support!

    Marilyn Day, President
    Gold Coast Kitten Sittin’, Inc.

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