Lesson: Fly to Chicago to Tap a Resource

Cyber counselor Dave Lebowitz received an email request from a man and his son who wanted to start Four Seasons Lighting, a retail lighting business, in Murrieta, CA. Dave referred them to Al Grossman, who had sold a successful lighting business before becoming a counselor for SCORE Chicago.

GrossmanAfter a lengthy phone conversation, Charles Locklin and his son got on a plane and flew to Chicago to meet Al. This atypical counseling session included airport escort, a Cubs game and dinner. After the two days together, Grossman referred the client to a nearby California chapter of SCORE for follow-up.

In early February, Steffanie Dupree, a TV producer for NewsProNet, covered the story with interviews of Grossman in Chicago and Locklin in his California store.

The lesson is: if you have a expert resource person who offers to help you build your business, take advantage of their experience. Who knows, counseling may even include a Cubs game.

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